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Black and white contrasts adorn many homes in the Nordic countries. Black and white prints are stylish and easy to decorate with. Black and white pictures are also easy to combine with designs in other colours! If you're not sure how to compose your picture wall, you can always rely on the classic contrast with our black and white designs.

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Black and white posters – Stylish black and white pictures and posters

Black and white posters – a classic.

Black and white posters are a classic. Black and white pictures perfectly complement most interior styles and environments. Black and white art belongs to one of our most popular categories of posters and suits most interior styles, from a modern Scandinavian interior to a home in a more traditional style. At Dear Sam, we have produced a wide range of stylish and classic black and white posters. Everything from magnificent elephants on the savannah to a graceful ballet dancer in the middle of a sauté). Black and white pictures are a must-have for a well-composed picture wall.

Famous black and white photo art

Black and white photo art has long been a popular feature of exclusive art galleries and museums around the world. At Dear Sam, you can a selection of black and white posters of super-famous people, so-called icons. Including Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardot, David Bowie and others. Several of these iconic black and white pictures can be found here.

Decorating with black and white pictures

Black and white pictures are a very popular interior detail, both for professional interior designers and for those with less experience who wants to be sure that they are decorating on-trend. Black and white pictures provide a timeless touch and complement most interior styles. Our black and white posters come in a variety of styles and categories. A nice combination is to collect several black and white photographs together in a picture wall. Typically, 3-5 pictures are used to compose a stylish and on-trend picture wall. At Dear Sam, there is a wide selection of affordable posters and inspiration for finding black and white posters that will look perfect in your living room. Also, why not check out our Instashop. Here you can see how others have decorated their homes with posters from Dear Sam.

Which frames will best suit black and white posters?

Generally, black and white frames are considered the best choice for black and white posters. More conservative interiors and art galleries use mostly black frames. Picture frames are available with different widths on the profile/frame. With a wider profile, the picture frame gives a heavier impression while a narrower profile gives a neater impression. A rule of thumb is that a more minimalist poster goes well with a picture frame with a slightly wider profile, while a more full subject fits well with a narrower frame profile. When arranging several black and white posters together in a picture wall, using the same colour for all the picture frames is the most stylish option.