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    Animal Posters

    Posters of animals and insects are always trendy and create an exciting and lively mood in your home. Among our animal posters you'll find photo art, vintage motifs, illustrations and unique posters in watercolour. Here there are posters of lions, elephants, dragonflies, butterflies and many other animals. Choose a poster in black and white for a stylish feeling or a colour motif if you want to give the room a touch of colour. Frame it with one of our oak frames for a natural and bohemian style.

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    Buy posters of animals at Dear Sam

    Posters of animals and insects make your home exciting and lively. We have a large selection of designs featuring animals and insects from different continents and countries. Animal pictures can create either a harmonious or intense feeling in your home, depending on which animal it is and how the picture is designed. We offer both black and white posters and colour posters, with animals in their natural environments, photographed in contrasting profiles or painted as colourful illustrations.

    Drawings of animals

    Illustrating animals has long been a popular way of depicting animals before the advent of photographic art. illustrations used to be the only way to show what animals and insects actually looked like and what colour they were. This art form has now developed from just wanting to produce the real appearance of the animals, to the fact that today you can paint animals in a more imaginative way, with stronger colours, different proportions and a more playful appearance. We are proud of our varied collection of animal posters, which contain both vintage animal posters and modern illustrations of animals.

    Animal pictures

    Posters of animals fit well in picture walls, but can also be stand-alone pictures. Create a special theme for your picture wall with animals from Africa's savannas, beautiful butterflies or various birds in vintage style. Combine animal photographs with photographic art showing nature and landscapes to get the feeling of a particular natural environment. Our painted animal images with letters are perfect for the children's room and are painted with earthy colours for a natural impression. These animal paintings also have an educational purpose; combine with each other to create an understanding of letters and animals that begin with these letters.