Classic and timelessness are key words for our collection of vintage posters. A poster with a vintage motif fits perfectly as a personal touch in a picture wall in a country house or a bohemian, classic or retro-inspired home. Here we have collected posters with herbs, flowers, animals and architecture in a retro style that gives your home a cosy feeling. Our posters are inspired by old paintings of animals and plants as well as furniture and decoration in true vintage style.

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We have collected, restored and produced posters with vintage motifs for all homes. Posters of herbs and flowers in retro style give a room a homely feeling, even if your home is modern or retro-inspired. The motifs of that time can be anything from an illustrative expression in the form of educational motifs of plants and animals, to older photographs with high contrast. Either way, we love and are inspired by aesthetics from the past.

The illustrative motifs we use for our new range of vintage posters were often made to educate. Before photography, illustration and painting were used to spread knowledge about the world and its species. Therefore, animals and plants are common and recurring motifs. The work that the artists of that time put into producing these illustrations is reflected in their quality, and that is also why these motifs are still appreciated and preserved.

Our posters are inspired by vintage furniture and decoration, not actual vintage prints. In fashion contexts, it is sometimes claimed that clothes should be at least 25 years old to be called vintage. When it comes to photography, one often calls an image repro and then one refers to new production of photographs based on an older original.

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We offer a large number of vintage prints in different variants so that you can find what you like! It doesn't matter whether your home is modern or retro-inspired, mix old and new to create a personal touch. Picture walls only get even better if the motifs are mixed. Buy retro and vintage posters online at Dear Sam

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There is a difference between retro and vintage posters. Both styles are related to a previous time period. Retro means things that have been re-produced that have clearly been inspired by a previous time period, while vintage is something that has been produced in a specific time period. Both are also clear styles: Vintage style usually tends to be more romantic or boho preferably from the 20's/30's or earlier, while Retro usually involves colourful patterns taken from the 50's/60's/70's.